Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've been slack...

...in uploading, I've got shots for every day of the year, however processing and uploading has been delayed by lack of computer for a few days and school returning followed by taking and processing pics for friends :) need to build a portfolio somehow!!!

All photo's should be uploaded and up to date by this weekend - all going well :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

February 6th

My daughter absolutely adores our cat, Portia - unfortunately her love is not reciprocated. Portia will tolerate being handled, carried around and treated like a baby, however she most certainly does not seem to like it!!!

~ Unrequited Love ~

February 4th

Today I did my first ever "proper" photo shoot. My friend brought her boys around and I set up the dining room with a black fleece backdrop with a white sheet to the side for soft reflection. Lighting was in the form of large north facing windows. this little boy was sooo cheeky and loved pulling faces - but was still quite serene as well. I love this image for the peacefulness and child like innocence.

~ Jackson ~

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February 3rd

Toby has had a sulky couple of days which is really good photographing him as he stays still and only moves his eyes to follow things/people around.

H is our 18 month old Maltese x Shih Tzu Unfortunately he's started nipping at the kids and isn't responding to training so he will be going to DH's parents to live at he end of Feb if things don't improve. We al love Toby but the children's safety is paramount - especially as he's already broken skin :(

~ Toby ~

Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2nd

We had a lovely cool change come through today which resulted in rain in the morning. i ventured out this afternoon and the roses were just asking to be photographed. For a change I threw on a macro filter to investigate the roses further.

This one caught my attention as the heart of the rose looked like lots of little arms wrapped around each other as they were protecting the inner sanctum of the flower. The petals were damaged and blown around, but the heart was tight and compact and still in perfect condition.

~ Heart of the Rose ~

February 1st

We ended up at the Devonport Bluff again for another BBQ with friends today. I was going to have a photo of their daughter as my photo of the day then thought I'd better not - you never know who will stumble upon this blog and I'd rather risk it with my kids than someone elses - does that sound as weird in writing as it sounds though out?? LOL

This picture looks OK in colour, however with her vibrant red hair my daughters gorgeous blue eyes seem to fade into the background and make her look a little washed out. I love this B&W version as her eyes stand out just that little bit more. Here she is doing her best Tyra Banks impersonation and being 'fierce' In reality I was trying to get her to relax her face, as when she smiles she tends to tense up and pull really tight lipped smiles that can look really weird.

~ Kahli ~